Monday, September 13, 2010

Daniel Radcliffe: The man beyond words

We know him as Harry Potter. We know him as the boy who did a controversial role in Equus but how many of us know him as an activist? Or a poet? Or a lover of history? Or a very talented man who is good at almost everything? Very few. Born in 23rd july, 1989 to a casting agent mother, Marcia Gresham and literary agent father, Alan Radcliffe, Daniel Radcliffe is one of the most successful young actors of the world. His role as Harry Potter in all the Harry Potter franchise has lead him to international fame. He also did the role of a disturbed boy in Equus which earned him critics' approval. No seventeen year olds could have the guts to do what Daniel Radcliffe did. His passion for his work was clearly understood as he explored different vistas of his acting skills outside the Harry Potter franchise. The movie December Boys also earned him many credit points in which he played the role of an orphaned teenager. Apart from his acting skills, he is also a skilled poet. He wrote some surprisingly mature poems under the name of Jacob Gershon. Jacob, being his middle name and Gershon being his mother's maiden sirname. One of his poems, Away Days, was based of adultry, speaking of a middle aged man, cheating on his wife by sleeping with prostitutes and even though he felt guilty to see that his wife believed in every word he said and his son who loved him a lot, he couldnt stop and so he was secretly building up a life outside his marriage. The mature content him his poem also earned him many readers. Apart from all that, he is a gay-right activist who supports a charity group, The Trevor Project, that prevents suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. Being straight himself, Daniel Radcliffe's dedication to the LGBT community has earned him a lot of respect worldwide and this is what he said, " Be proud of who you are ". A man beyond words, his talents and noble work doesnt end here, he is skilled in almost everything that comes to the kitchen n drinks and on his 21st birthday in Russia, he was seen mixing alcoholic drinks in a bar, a talented man is after all talented in all! The beautiful dark headed, blue eyed man is truly a man beyond words. He's only 21 and he has a world of talents inside that 5feet 5inches body of his! Not that he minds being short! Daniel Radcliffe forever rules!!


  1. whoa!! u write amazingly! :D

    i thik DAN shud really know what hes missing!!he shud cum n meet you! :)

  2. harry potter books n movies r my family mambers.....they are always in our home as well as our hearts.....we hav a banch of collection of denial n his friends rupert n emma's pics & stuffs with their pictures........we 4 siblings queenkaveri, ivy, daisy, and bedabrta are in love with harry potter family....specially dan!.....we are just attched to this harry potter family from our little child hood...we love danial....keep it up.